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Collection: Elsewhere Candle Co.

Leaving behind a better trail

A small group of nature-loving folk got together to design, pour, and deliver premium candles in an effort to fund and protect national parks around the country.

Bringing the parks home

Established in 2016, Elsewhere Candle Co. creates premium soy candles with scents inspired by our diverse national parks. We make our products with the highest quality materials and pour each candle by hand. Each scent is painstakingly crafted to bring the defining characteristics of your favorite national parks to life – evoking a combined sense of calm and adventure.

A good clean burn

We use premium soy wax and cotton wicks for the purest burns out there. And we continually strive to improve our manufacturing process, like re-using shipping materials, with eco-friendly methods for a greener planet.

Doing our part

We love our parks. And we believe the more people that visit them, the more inspired they’ll be to do right by the planet. That’s why we give back to the National Park Foundation. It’s our way of preserving and expanding the places we love most.

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