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We’re Josh and Jessie, and the little guy is our son Oliver. We’re the family behind Ovierre Industries.
When Oliver was born, our niece couldn’t pronounce his name and called him Ovierre instead. We think of it as Oliver’s classier French baby name, and have stolen it as a way to remind us what this business of ours is for – our family.
Each day, we wake up in a small mountain town in Colorado and work on creating beautiful goods that make life both easier and more joyful. And, we hope to share those with you. While designing and making and marketing and everything that goes along with it is a lot to take on, it lets us break away from the 9 to 5 and invest time in each other and in our kiddo. We couldn’t be happier (although we could be better caffeinated and have better hair days) for the path we’ve chosen.
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